Freelance Java Developer     Holger Pschera

Since more than ten years now I've been working as a java developer in different industries such as retail, logistics and automotive IoT. On this site I provide detailed informations about my work experiences, looking forward to employ them in your project as a freelancer.

As a fast learning, self confident and open minded person I'm used to get into new frameworks and environments in short time. Experienced mainly in backend development of Java EE and Spring-based server components I'm also looking for opportunities to step into the world of Angular 2 or Reactive.js.

Currently I'm not available for new projects. Living in Dresden/Germany with my family I prefer projects nearby. With the option of a part time home office after an introductory training I also accept more distant locations.

Curriculum vitae as PDF (only german)

Contact me via email at holger[at]pschera-software[dot]de, on LinkedIn or Xing.

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personal information

age 33, born 1986
residence Dresden/ Germany
civil status with woman and child
contact email: holger[at]pschera-software[dot]de
tax number/VAT value added tax identification number (VAT No.): DE301268468


when 2021
where For projects from three up to twelve months preferred in and around Dresden/Germany.
With part time home office I also accept further distant locations like Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg.
what project support as freelancer in java development
payment hourly rate on demand


languages native language is german, fluent english (C1),
basic knowledge in french (A2) and czech (A1)
previous responsibilities Java software development Backend (Java SE, EE and Spring Boot), Frontend (lots with Swing, little JavaFX, JSF), architecture & design,webdesign, test, marketing, presentation,
sales, staff coordination, consulting, support, deployment, translation
programming languages more than ten years of experience with Java, SQL, XML und HTML
Basics in C/C++, Assembler, JavaScript, PHP, Batch and Shell scripting, Ant
operating systems Windows XP-10, Linux Ubuntu, Mac OS X from 10.6
development tools/ IDE/ Lifecycle I used to work a lot with Eclipse, STS, Maven, JIRA, GIT, SVN and Hudson. Also came in touch with IntelliJ, Gradle, Track+, Ant, codeBeamer, ...
databases I worked intensively with Firebird, SQLite, MS SQL and Oracle. In my bachelor thesis 2009 I had to deal a lot with XML Query and the XML databsse eXist.
Java frameworks/libraries/ tools Java SE, JEE and Spring. Hibernate, Apache ActiveMQ, Swing, JMS, JNDI, JFreeChart, Batik, JAI, DOM, SAX, Jaxen, JNI, Ant, Apache POI, Commons Math, Jama, JavaMail, ProGuard, Launch4j, IzPack, JUnit, JMock, RMI, Tomcat, JBoss EAP, RXJava.
remote maintenance Along with IDA and at GK Software I used many remote maintenance tools like UltraVNC, DirectVNC, TeamViewer, WinSCP, RemoteDesktop, PuTTY and some internal solutions like GK Storemanager.
virtualisation and container In GKR rollouts I worked in the installation of virtualized, large scaled software environments. There I worked with products like VMWare Workstation, vSphere.
Since I got in touch with Mac OS C for my software IDA in use to work more with VirtualBox for unix test systems.
At Zedas I made first experiences with software testing in docker containers using ELK-Stack and VisualVM.
others tools Total Commander, Turtoise, SmartSVN, Altova MapForce, JasperReports, AppBundler, DBVisualizer, IzPack, FreeMind, VisualVM, Jailer and many more.
hardware programming I've collected some experiences with hardware interfaces for point of sales (JavaPOS). Additionally I made the IK220 of Heidenhain work in java.

projects and credentials

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04/2019 - 07/2019
09/2013 - today
07/2018 - 10/2018
08/2016 - 03/2017
04/2011 - 01/2014
09/2007 - 01/2008
10/2005 - 02/2010


further interests vipassana, aikido, dance, nature